Dr.fone Ios Full Data Eraser

More Features to Expect Erased data is gone forever and no one can retrieve it. Easy to Use Erase iPhone data in 3 simple step. When you use Apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, a lot of extra data, such as logs info, cookies, caches or downloaded images and videos will be generated. These files and data are marked as “Documents and Data” on your iPhone and eating up your iPhone storage.
dr.fone ios full data eraser

Erase iPhone Data

How to Use Dr. Download dr. Step 2. After connecting your device, Dr. Fone will detect this within a few moments and the next menu will appear. With the next menu, you will be shown a brief explanation of the Dr.

Fone — iOS Data Eraser feature along with a brief warning message. Step 3. You will then be prompted with a warning display in order to ensure that you understand what this process consists of. Step 4. Step 5. Now all that you have to do is be patient and wait for the Dr. Fone — iOS Data Eraser to completely erase your device.

Even though it depends on how much data you have stored on your device, the process should take no more than a few minutes. Failure to maintain this connection will result in not only having to restart the process, but may result in data corruption. Once the data on your device has been completely wiped, you will be shown a display notifying you that the device has been completely wiped and that it is irretrievable.

After this display is shown, you will now be able to use your iPhone as if you had just purchased it. You will be able to either restore data to your device from a backup on either iTunes or iCloud or use it in its factory state. Keep in mind that if you to restore data from a backup, you will have to repeat this process with Dr. Fone — iOS Data Eraser to completely remove the data.

Erase iOS Data Permanently and Protect Your Privacy

Here, we take a look at the iOS Full Data Eraser and how you can take full advantage of this itnkfc.me feature to delete all data easily. Look for a reliable iOS full data eraser? There is no need to search any further. Dr .Fone can prove to be an excellent alternative iOS eraser. When itnkfc.me recognizes your iPhone/iPad, it will display two options, Erase Full Data and Erase Private Data. Here we select Erase Private Data to continue.

How to Delete iPhone Data Completely and Permanently

Many people around me told me that they want to sell their old iPhone for X or 8. I told them that you must pay more attentions to the personal data safety because most important data including contacts, SMS, photos,videos, call history and safari bookmarks are still stored on your old iPhone. Deleting all data on your iPhone completely and permanently is a best choice to prevent your important private data from leaking. From this article you will know how to use iPhone Data Eraser to deleted iPhone data completely before you sell it. One click to download iPhone Data Eraser then one click to delete all your iPhone data permanently.

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How to Delete All Photos Videos On iPhone 7 Plus Permanently Now the update speed of electronic products is too fast, phone use period is usually less than one year, but the mobile phone is not useless, this time we can choose to give to family, can also be sold in the secondary market. No matter what kind of situation, the most important point is that all the data on the phone all cleared.

HOWTO VIDEO: How to Delete wipe iPhone data completely and permanently

Apowersoft iPhone Data Cleaner; Top 5. itnkfc.me – Erase cut a long story short, this is how you can erase your full data from your iPhone in a matter of minutes. How to Permanently Erase All Data from iPhone 4S/4. Posted by . Besides, Dr. Fone also can recover iOS data, recover iOS system, backup & restore iOS data. Steps to Wipe All . Then choose “More Tools” and click “iOS Full Data Eraser”. Here, we take a look at the iOS Full Data Eraser and how you can take full advantage of this itnkfc.me feature to delete all data easily.

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